Christabel and Einstein’s son Camillo
Camillo is on holiday with us now. He is already 5 years old.
Even if he completely grown, he is still a little boy like a sweet angel.
26082019 camillo


Today Amelia and Martina came to visit us.
It was very nice to spend some time together and at the same time see that Amelia is growing very well and is always more beautiful ❤ 🙂
Amelia is 8 months old

Gremontree Love Over Gold

 Raphael ( 14 months old)
Itch. Gremontree Millennium Star x Itch. Joyeux Noel Yvonne at Gremontree
Raphael, he will meet his family tomorrow after spending summer holiday with us. Also a lot of fun with our Beardies.
See you again  
17082019 Raphaell