Assolutamente indispensabili 🙂

Gremontree JP Flamme d’amour

And from Japan we received this beautiful photo of Glasgow with his best friend Alvin
Thank you Mayumi Iwai 🙂
08122019 Glasgow

Last News from USA

Today’s Last News  WOW!!! We are on Beardies of the World Calendar 2020 Stink Eye page ( Me & Dunhill )
For us it’s a great honor to be on this World Wide famous Calendar.
Thank you very much

Gremontree Breeze D’Amour

Breva 3½ years old
Breva is on holidays with us in this month.
Breva is a sister of our Corinne & Vogue, Nepal and Glasgow in Japan.
They are all peace makers, calm, full of self-confidence and very sweety Beardie. 📷 📷 📷 📷